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FAQs for Digital Salesman

Q. What is Digital Salesman (Item Flip)?

Ans. It is an innovative solution that allows users to display their focused products to the retailers by flipping the selected products during billing.

Q. How much reach does the solution offer?

Ans. With Item Flip you can promote your products to 4.61 lakh retailers.

Q. What are the benefits of using Digital Salesman?

• 30x increase in sales
• Large reach
• Easily knock out competitors
• Smart algorithm

Q. How does the Digital Salesman work?

Ans. Digital Salesman follows a three-step process:
• Listing of products
• Provide discounts and offers on listed products
• Promotion of products to retailers.

Q How does the flipping process work?

Ans. The solution comes with a smart algorithm that identifies & displays the substitute products with the best offers for the retailer at the time of billing.

Q. What is the significance of reaching potential customers with Item Flip?

• Easily reach potential customers
• Increase awareness about your products
• Eliminate chances of losses due to product returns
• Promote your products to customers in a more convincing manner

Q How can Item Flip help retailers and distributors make informed decisions?

Ans. Item Flip provides retailers and distributors with real-time information on offers and discounts, allowing them to make informed decisions during the billing process. This ultimately helps them in increasing their profits/revenue.

Q Can Item Flip help in reducing excess inventory and product wastage?

Ans. Yes, it can help reduce losses and product wastage associated with unsold, near-expiry, or non-selling products by promoting them effectively.

Q. What kind of reports does Item Flip provide to track performance?

Ans. . Item Flip comes with powerful reporting features to track the performance of promoted products, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies.

Q. Can you integrate Digital Salesman with the POS system?

Ans. Yes, you can integrate Digital Salesman with the POS system.