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Maximize Business Value With Your Sales Data

ECOD is a solution that will make data sharing easy, secure, and error-free for you. Your server and distributor's computer will be connected for exchanging data which will end the dependency on third parties.

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Data Management Solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry

An incredible data management solution for the pharmaceutical industry, backed by the world's most innovative& comprehensive view of digital transformation, supported by technology & experience. The platform brings you the sales insights from distributors & retailers you need to win big.

ECOD Capabilities

Gain the Competitive Edge by Effortlessly Analyzing Your Data via Multiple Reports

Secondary Stock & Sales

Gain real-time stock & sales data from your channel partners based on purchases, sales, returns, opening & closing inventory, etc.

Claims, Near-Expiry, Breakage, Returns

Quickly identify products nearing expiration date by analyzing batch-wise expiration data to prevent potential losses

Purchase Information

Stay updated about your purchases by scrutinizing data from purchase invoices, including invoice number, supplier name, date, overall cost, list of items, etc.


Evaluate the performance of line-wise sales & returns over time. Detect trends and patterns to make informed business decisions

Pincode wise sales

With area, pincode, and item-wise reports track the performance of items in different regions & identify the high-demand areas

Wallet Share

Get invoice-wise company share percentage (Quantity, Product, Amount) to understand the market share and competitiveness of each company

Live Stock

Know the current stock levels of your distributors within five minutes to determine the exact amount of stock available in the market

Sale Order Process

Easily place sale orders to distributors. Efficiently manage orders & payments by obtaining the order status upon completion

Purchase Import

Eliminate the need for manual data entry by directly importing purchase invoices into the system


Years of experience

Years of experience in transforming the journey of of distributors & retailers

How do we do it?


Data Collection

We bring in data from the distributor’s & retailer’s ERP.


Date Segregation

We automate data cleaning and scrutinizing.


Data Delivery

We deliver encrypted data where you want, whenever you want.


Data Deletion

After delivering, we dump your data & delete all the files from our server.

With the right offerings, we help you become more data-driven, agile, and strategic.

ECOD's Commitment to Privacy and Data Protection

ECOD respects your privacy and does not sell sales data without your explicit permission. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive business information and will only share data with third parties after obtaining consent from the distributor. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our users and will always act in their best interests.

Benefits of using ECOD

Eliminate Manual Data

Skip manual data research & complicated formulas, let ECOD do it for you

Take Data-Driven Decision

Access data in real-time without any delays and make data-driven decisions.

Drive Growth

Get a broad view of your marketing strategies to spend smarter & increase revenues

Be Future-Ready

Get insights from experts for more accurate analysis resulting in better planning

Work Smarter

Next-gen technology and data-driven analytics for improving your business growth. With ECOD's comprehensive information management services, you can quickly gain access to valuable insights from your data assets, enabling better decision-making.

We Maintain Your Data Privacy

With end-to-end encryption, your data is only visible to you. Even ECOD doesn’t have access to your data.

End-to-end Encryption

A system that prevents third parties from accessing data while it is transferred from our end to yours.

Data Security

Protection against unauthorized access throughout the entire ecosystem.

Control Your Privacy

Share data access by managing permissions as per your preferences


Correction: Only Company in India That Provides You With Your Sales Data.

  • Sales Analysis

    Primary, secondary, and tertiary sales analysis.

  • Pincode Wise

    Detailed pincode-wise sales reports

  • Live Data

    Real-time live reports on market trends.

  • API Ready

    Data is available through live APIs and downloads.

Interested in Taking Your Business to the Next Level With ECOD?

FAQs for Marg Ads


Ans. ECOD is a data management solution that makes data sharing easy and secure for users.

Q. What are the benefits of using ECOD?

Ans. . There are many benefits of using ECOD. For example, by using the solution you can gain a competitive edge over your competitors, share data securely to MRs, etc.

Q. Which reports can you share with ECOD?

Ans. With ECOD you can share reports like secondary stock & sales reports, transaction reports, sale order process reports, etc.

Q. What are the main features of ECOD?

• End-to-end encryption
• Data security
• Eliminate third-party dependency for data collection
• Privacy

Q Is ECOD safe to use?

Ans. Yes, ECOD is completely safe to use and uses end-to-end encryption.

Q. How ECOD can help you with the competition?

Ans. ECOD can help you with competition in many ways. With it, you can real-time stock and sales data from channel partners. Additionally, it allows its users to quickly identify products nearing expiry to prevent potential losses. All this ultimately, enables ECOD users to easily outperform their competitors.

Q How does ECOD work?

Ans. ECOD follows a four-step process:
• Data collection
• Data segregation
• Data delivery
• Data deletion

Q Does ECOD maintain user privacy?

Ans. Yes, we follow a strict privacy policy and delete the data from our server once it is shared.

Q. Is ECOD data theft secure?

Ans. ECOD comes with incredible data security options that eliminate the chances of data theft.

Q. Which types of reports you can get with ECOD?

Ans. With ECOD you can get access to different reports like secondary stock and sales data reports, purchase information reports, pincode-wise sales reports, etc.